About Michael McGruder
Often people know me for video work, or that I was an investigator with the public defender's office, or that I am a technology geek - however so often I also hear "hey, I didn't know you could do that too!" Whether it's troubleshooting an error message or creating an opening statement powerpoint, my background and know-how is diverse.

Not only have I done video, investigation and technological work, I can troubleshoot and diagnose most tech issues, duplicate CDs/DVDs, design & create presentations, organize & prepare case exhibits for trials & hearings, conduct analysis on video & audio recordings as well as provide expert testimony on many forms of technology based on my experience and proficiency throughout the last three decades.

Even though I may be located on the western slope of the state, I have been able to help out criminal defense teams nationwide without even having met the team face to face. By taking advantage of the wide range of different technologies around us, I can keep connected to the case via Google Wave, email, cell phone and my website. When we capitalize on the available technology it enhances our productivity and becomes cost efficient.

Combine my technological skills with my legal background as a criminal defense investigator and you have that knowledge and experience at your disposal. It's helpful not only to have someone proficient in the legal aspects of your case, but someone who can approach things from the audience perspective. As a videographer, I am aware of what it takes to project that message to a targeted audience. Utilizing very dynamic presentations that are concise, persuasive and impactful will help deliver that message to your jury.

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